How to entrust what is most precious, with confidence?
To this end, Priorité Enfants selects candidates according to professional and rigorous criteria. Our services are complete and personalized. They allow families to hire a trusted person, depending on the specific needs of each.


A tailored offer

Priorité Enfants aims to provide a personal and professional service tailored to the specific needs of each family. We offer a comprehensive package for families and for child carers.

For both full-time and part-time positions, we make a distinction between candidates with recognised diplomas (maternity nurses, kindergarten teachers, professionally qualified nannies) and those without formal training. However, some of our child carers have extensive working experience with children, which can be considered equivalent to a formal diploma.

All candidates are required to provide appropriate professional and character references, which are the object of a careful checking and screening process.

Care and diligence of selection

Care and diligence of selection

We are fully aware of the importance of the nanny’s role and responsibilities and select our candidates with particular care. All candidates undergo a thorough interview process, which includes scrutiny of professional references, medical certificates, character references and standard police record checks.

Hiring assistance

Hiring assistance

Having a home childcare is not always easy for a family. In our hiring documents, to help you, we will also give you some useful tips to build the working relationship on a good basis.

For Families

Priorité Enfants provides practical solutions for even the most complex childcare problems

For families
For Nannies

For Nannies

We endeavour to establish a professional code of conduct based on both quality service for families and professional fulfilment for the nanny – and consequently for the cared children.


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