What kind of child care options are you offered ?

  • A day-care centre? Yes, but there are not enough places available.
  • A childminder? It is not easy to find a registered family in your neighbourhood.
  • An Au-Pair? You might not have lodging facilities, and an au-pair only works on a part-time basis.
  • A nanny? This is the best option !
But where can you find a qualified nanny and how to be sure she is responsible and caring?

Priorité Enfants is a well-established Geneva-based introduction agency specializing in the recruitment of maternity nurses, nannies, mothers’ help, and babysitters.

Our prime concern is to ensure that families and child carers are well matched and happy with their placements. Our commitment is to attend to the best interests of our clients at all times, offering help and advice both before and during the placement. This comprehensive and caring service for both families and child carers has earned us a solid reputation as a highly effective and friendly agency. Priorité Enfants strives to make the process of choosing a nanny as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

It can be very difficult to decide on the type of childcare that is best suited to your individual needs. At Priorité Enfants we are able to offer you both peace of mind and a flexible service aimed at ensuring that your children receive professional care on a one to one basis from a committed and dedicated nanny.